Thursday, May 19, 2011

TWO broken legs

Keelyn has two broken legs up near the knees probably due to low calcium not trauma. without surgery this will be a long slow recovery. we need to add calcium and vitamins to the girls diet.

Actually it is her femurs that are broken.  One of the breaks is at nearly a right angle causing nerve impairment with possible permanent nerve damage.



Shanti Perez said...

Do you have drakes? I've noticed my females become injured sometimes when the drakes chase them and the females try to resist by standing up, refusing to flatten on the ground for mounting. I wonder if this is how Keelyn's femurs broke? If her bones are weak due to a lack of nutrients in diet, it may follow that her femurs could have snapped from the weight of another duck on her hips. I keep in mind, too, with my own ducks, that there needn't be a drake present for mounting to occur. The hens will mount other hens and go through the motions of mating without a drake around.

Megan said...

There is a possiblity that the first injury (which we thougt was a sprain) was caused by being mated with (especially since her "partner" is Kouta, our big pekin, and she is so small in comparison.) But, after that she was in the R&R pen with the other two girls, and they have never had that kind of behiavior that you talked about, infact they are extraordinarily calmer when they aren't around the boys. We still are absolutely baffled at how she broke her other leg...we just have no clue. We wish so much that we had some kind of indication that her calcium was low, but there was no sign, and no way of knowing.