Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Duckies Greet GrMaDuck in the morning

Our duckies are making the transition to one flock slowly but steadily. 

One thing they all do together is wait in the mornings for their fresh water, food, and treats.  

Sweetness in the morning 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Darrick and his harem

Darrick is so sweet with our new girls! He is very taken with them and his smaller size and mostly gentle ways have gained him acceptance with the quacky girly crew.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

new quacky pekin girlie duckies

We just added six new quacky pekin girlie duckies to our family.  They are a sweet bright bonded group and look and sound to be Easter Duckies (approx 4 months old - which is 99% fully grown)  They are loud when they want to be, which we love and is 100% acceptable where we live; but they also still have some of their squeaky sounds left.  Our boys are overly excited about them.  Missy, female pekin, is still somewhat neutral about the whole thing.  We hope within a week or so, the two groups will be merged into one little flock of pet duckies.  No names for the new girls yet ... it's too soon.

bright beautiful pekin girlie duckies

the new girlies having a discussion about those annoying
boys who don't seem to want to leave them alone

they are still separating into two little flocks
~ ~ ~
we expect with a little time they will become
ONE little flock of pet duckies

We adopted the girls from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue 

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) is non profit 501 (c)3  wildlife rescue organization located in Charlotte, NC. CWR is run by federally-licensed migratory bird rehabilitators specializing in waterfowl. We take in over 1000 birds a year covering close to 40 different wild bird species.  CWR is an all-volunteer group that donates their time, money and expertise to helping North Carolina’s birds in need. They also accept domestic or exotic ducks for placement, do nuisance referrals, and offer bird, duck and goose rescue assistance.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
~ PO Box 1484 ~ Indian Trail, NC 28079

We are grateful to Carolina Waterfowl for allowing these sweet beauties to join our family.

Friday, July 5, 2013

They are home

Things went pretty well getting the new girlie duckies here. As I was carrying them into the aviary there ended up being lots of chasing as the last two made a run for it... so right now I am "mean scary lady" to them. Missy sat inside the aviary watching the young ones make a loud spazy fuss about being touched and separated even briefly from each other. she looked like the lady chaperone watching a bunch of teen girls. funny!! The boys ran around and around outside the aviary. They very much want to meet these girls.
A little bit later #1 & #2 (from the new group) challenged Missy (she is on the same side as the girls) Missy sort of looked them like she didn't care - "yeah so what you can keep your spot in pecking order- I don't have the energy for such foolishness" is what it looked like she was thinking.

Missy was excited when she had her first swim with the new girls but now she is hanging back to give them some time & space


Missy and Beau want to know why they have been separated - but my priority was to get Missy integrated first (if possible)
Pretty little ladies

Picking up our new girls

Thank you Carolina Waterfowl Rescue for our sweet six pack of loud sweet energetic girlie duckies.

New quacky girlie duckies (part 3 of 3)

New quacky girlie duckies  (part 3 of 3) relationship & pecking order negations begin btw Missy our 3yr old Pekin and the new bonded group of young Pekin girlie duckies ... All is going well ... We will give the girls a night to get settled then let them mingle with the boys tomorrow 
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