Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 31 - 19 days old (VIDEO)

lots of cute pictures from 10-31-2010

growing up so fast part 3

example 3 - Queenie

four days old - Oct 16

19 days old - Oct 31

growing up so fast (part 2)

Example 2 - in MamaDucks arms/lap

four days old - Oct 16

19 days old - Oct 31

growing so fast (part 1)

example 1 - in the box they were shipped in

two days old - day of arrival - Oct 14

19 days old - Oct 31 - same box barely holds 4 ducks

first published video

This is a video of our baby duckies' first week with us.
They are so tiny in these videos.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been busy for the whole flock of us.  Grma Duck's camera died last week and then my (MamaDuck) camera battery died a few days ago and we have to order another one online so it'll be a while before we get it.  :-\
They are getting very big very fast.  All of them have their real feathers coming in.  The pekins aren't looking that great (going through the "ugly duckling" stage), but they'll be pretty in a few more weeks.
We are also going to need to get their house built pretty soon cause in about 2 weeks their going to need to move outside to thier pin.
GrpaDuck built and hung the gate, it looks great.  We are hoping to do the finishing touches on the fence this weekend.

Guess that's all for now.  Hopefully more updates soon.


Friday, October 22, 2010

A note from Gr-Ma Duck:
It was so cute to see little duckie heads stretching over the top of the brooder box this morning when I went down to check on them.  Although they were very unhappy because they spilled the water everywhere then made a BIG wet mess in the brooder box and every little duckie was messy and unhappy about it.  They are now napping in the laundry basket.

It may be time for a larger brooder.  You can't really tell from the pictures posted this morning but they are getting big.
Keelyn & Beau

Missy & Kouta

Queenie & Darrick

Happy Nap Time

Nap in the laundry basket

Preening just before a nap -they made a big wet mess after spilling water in the brooder box and then were VERY unhappy about it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pictures from Gr-MaDuck's Camera - Oct 16, 2010


Queenie & Darrick (our black cayugas)
Keelyn & Beau (our welsh harliquins - multi colored)
Kouta & MissAdventure (our big yellow pekin ducklings - they will be white adults)
a birds (ducklings) eye view

These pictures were taken with Gr-Ma Duck's camera before it broke Oct 16, 2010. You can see our brooder, which is inside in MamaDuck's bedroom for the next couple of weeks. You can also see that we are becoming one happy little flock and how they love to cuddle.

(The brooder light makes it hard to get a picture in good with good light balance. )

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a quick post :)

This is Missy ("MissAdventure") after having an ordeal of watching her mate have to get his ankle band clipped off because it was too tight,and then get her's taken off later as well, she's been very clingy and needs to be held so she can rest her head on my neck. <3 Giving her some love before putting her to bed.

Will be downloading pictures and updating soon, they have grown sooo much just in the first couple days! And their personalities are shining through more and more.

Quick update on names:
Male Cayuga-Darrick (means "power of the tribe" or strong or oak-hearted)...he certainly is strong-willed
Female Cayuga-Queenie (obviously it means queen)...she is definitely queen bee of the whole flock
Male Pekin-Kouta "Cow-Tah" (means peaceful and thick or large)...:P He is and always will be the biggest, but the biggest love-bug too.
Femal Pekin-Miss Adventure, Missy for short (we just were calling her MissAdventure because she was into everything, and it just fits, so it's stickin')
Male Welsh Harlequin-Not sure yet.  We were thinking Finneen (which means beautiful child), but it's a bit too girly, we have also thought about Beau "Bo" (beautiful in french), we're not quite sure yet.
Female Welsh Harlequin-Keelyn "key-lynn" (means lively) was the original thought but its a bit of a mouthful, Gail/Gale also means lively

So basically its now just the WH we need to decide on.

The kids (and adults) had a blast with the duckies today, looking forward to more tomorrow.  :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trip outside the brooder

They're Here!!!

After getting stuck in the shipping process, they finally arrived this morning, and I went to pick them up at about 9am.
At the Post Office, I could hear them chirping from down the hall :)

We opened up the box to make sure they're ok

Getting in the car to go home.

At first they didn't want to do anything but sit under the heat lamp (it was cold in the post office and outside) but I dipped each one of their beaks in the water to get them to at least get a sip, and within a min. all of them were drinking and eating.

We let Pepper (our cat) in to see them. At first she had a look of distain on her face.  But after a min she just seemed curious, and kept trying to love on me, to make sure that she's still loved. (Of course, she's still the princess of the house :P)

We had them sexed, so they have colored bands on to identify them.
This is the male cayuga, he seems pretty chill.  Of course, when GrandpaDuck held him, he kept trying to climb up his shoulders. :P

This is the female cayuga.  She's also pretty calm, but more skiddish than the male.

(couldn't figure out how to rotate...sorry)  This is the male welsh harlequin, both of the WHs seem more skiddish than the others.

This is the female WH, she's a bit of a spaz, this is the best picure I could get of her cause she's constantly running around and freaking out.  I'm gonna have to spend alot of time holding her, in hopes that she won't be so skiddish with us.

This is the male pekin, he's not too skiddish, but not as calm as the male cayuga.  He seems to really like being cuddled.

This is the female pekin, she's more skiddish than the male, but not as skiddish as the female WH.  She also enjoys being held close.

We are going to have to come up with some names for them, they definitely have their own personalities.  As I sit here typing they have finally decided its time for a nap.   They had a long journey, and they haven't laid down yet to rest.  I am just so happy and thankful they are all healthy and hearty and seem like they're in good shape.
More to come later.

-One ecstatic MamaDuck :)


FROM MamaDuck :: USPS had me open then up to check. All 6 are chirping and hopping.