Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a quick post :)

This is Missy ("MissAdventure") after having an ordeal of watching her mate have to get his ankle band clipped off because it was too tight,and then get her's taken off later as well, she's been very clingy and needs to be held so she can rest her head on my neck. <3 Giving her some love before putting her to bed.

Will be downloading pictures and updating soon, they have grown sooo much just in the first couple days! And their personalities are shining through more and more.

Quick update on names:
Male Cayuga-Darrick (means "power of the tribe" or strong or oak-hearted)...he certainly is strong-willed
Female Cayuga-Queenie (obviously it means queen)...she is definitely queen bee of the whole flock
Male Pekin-Kouta "Cow-Tah" (means peaceful and thick or large)...:P He is and always will be the biggest, but the biggest love-bug too.
Femal Pekin-Miss Adventure, Missy for short (we just were calling her MissAdventure because she was into everything, and it just fits, so it's stickin')
Male Welsh Harlequin-Not sure yet.  We were thinking Finneen (which means beautiful child), but it's a bit too girly, we have also thought about Beau "Bo" (beautiful in french), we're not quite sure yet.
Female Welsh Harlequin-Keelyn "key-lynn" (means lively) was the original thought but its a bit of a mouthful, Gail/Gale also means lively

So basically its now just the WH we need to decide on.

The kids (and adults) had a blast with the duckies today, looking forward to more tomorrow.  :)


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