Monday, October 4, 2010

duck aviary - part 1

MamaDuck and Gr-DaddyDuck got all the posts and headers in the ground for the duck aviary. They did this all on Saturday.  (Well Gr-DaddyDuck dug a few holes and painted the posts with roofing tar the day before.)  We are so grateful to God for the 4+ days of steady rain that softened the ground enough that we could dig holes without renting an auger. Gr-MaDuck's only contribution for this phase: taking pictures and pulled staples out of the top of the posts.

We choose an oval shape because we thought it would look more natural in our backyard.  This is a natural not manicured yard which slopes and is surrounded by woods.  I (Gr-MaDuck) thinks it looks pretty good.
It is approximately 42 ft x 30 ft (~1050 sq ft)

Next two phases: 
Build and hang the gate
(gate and header posts already in the ground),
then attach the wire mesh
1/2" inch galvanized hardware cloth on the bottom (skirted)
and chicken wire on the top.

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