Monday, October 11, 2010

The babies are hatching today!!! :D

Happy Birthday Duckies!!!  <3

The hatchery controls when they hatch through the temperature, so they are hatching today, and will be shipped this afternoon.

Gr-MaDuck and I (MamaDuck) have been praying that they are strong and healthy and are protected through the whole shipping process, that every person to handle them would be kind and loving.  Also that they would have their own unique and identifying personalities, and bond well with all three of us (Gr-DaddyDuck, Gr-MaDuck, and MamaDuck).

We got alot of work done this weekend, but we've still got more work to do.  We have family coming this weekend for our annual Pumpkin Day, and we also are preparing for that, I'm sure the kids are going to love seeing the babies so small and fluffy. :)

Stay tuned for more updates and photos. :)


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Tammy said...

Happy Quacker Day, you special duckies!! I know you guys are soooo excited! Can't wait for pics