Thursday, October 14, 2010

They're Here!!!

After getting stuck in the shipping process, they finally arrived this morning, and I went to pick them up at about 9am.
At the Post Office, I could hear them chirping from down the hall :)

We opened up the box to make sure they're ok

Getting in the car to go home.

At first they didn't want to do anything but sit under the heat lamp (it was cold in the post office and outside) but I dipped each one of their beaks in the water to get them to at least get a sip, and within a min. all of them were drinking and eating.

We let Pepper (our cat) in to see them. At first she had a look of distain on her face.  But after a min she just seemed curious, and kept trying to love on me, to make sure that she's still loved. (Of course, she's still the princess of the house :P)

We had them sexed, so they have colored bands on to identify them.
This is the male cayuga, he seems pretty chill.  Of course, when GrandpaDuck held him, he kept trying to climb up his shoulders. :P

This is the female cayuga.  She's also pretty calm, but more skiddish than the male.

(couldn't figure out how to rotate...sorry)  This is the male welsh harlequin, both of the WHs seem more skiddish than the others.

This is the female WH, she's a bit of a spaz, this is the best picure I could get of her cause she's constantly running around and freaking out.  I'm gonna have to spend alot of time holding her, in hopes that she won't be so skiddish with us.

This is the male pekin, he's not too skiddish, but not as calm as the male cayuga.  He seems to really like being cuddled.

This is the female pekin, she's more skiddish than the male, but not as skiddish as the female WH.  She also enjoys being held close.

We are going to have to come up with some names for them, they definitely have their own personalities.  As I sit here typing they have finally decided its time for a nap.   They had a long journey, and they haven't laid down yet to rest.  I am just so happy and thankful they are all healthy and hearty and seem like they're in good shape.
More to come later.

-One ecstatic MamaDuck :)


Sarah said...

:) so cute! congratulations!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute!! I wish i could comment on each one, I love the pictures! Adorable! You rock for posting these so promptly, it's like we all get to watch and be there, even from afar. I particularly like the picture of Pepper peeping in on them. Yea, that's a lot of P's. I'm very excited for you!

Tammy said...

They are adorable!!! I know you are so excited, hope you can sleep tonight.

Megan said...

Thanks Sarah.

Ash, I wish you could be here to see them, they are already bigger than they were this morning. Pepper's been entertained just watching them, but also very jealous of us giving them so much attention. :)

Tammy, we are very excited! I hope I can sleep tonight too, but I'm sure I'll wake up a couple times to some chirping. :)