Saturday, November 16, 2013

come on in the water's warm

Darrick our pet Cayuga drake seems to almost always be the first one in the clean pool almost like a cup bearer to King Kouta our very large Pekin drake who is #1 in pecking order, then most of the others follow.  Missy prefers to pool all to herself and will hang back and preen until most everyone else is finished.  We didn't quite capture it here but Darrick still loves to swim under water. It's so cute!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

flock bond continues to strengthen

This is just a super quick post to say all our duckies are doing well and that their bond into ONE little flock continues to strengthen.  The younger girls are getting more comfortable with the human flock members(s).

 Here are couple of videos taken with a phone camera

... and two not so great photos

The little girlie duckies are giving us eggs. 
These are collected daily and cleaned and refrigerated and given away as food.
Thank you little girlies duckies!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

delightful pet ducks in the aviary getting morning treats

new duckie video

A three minute unedited video taken with my phone of our delightful pet ducks in the aviary getting morning treats. A nice temperate fall Sept Morning 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eggs eggs eggs

Eggs! Lots of duck eggs!
This is just two days worth.

No we are not going to incubate and hatch. We have our hands full right now with 10 pet duckies. We do however know a lot of people that enjoy eating them. We see these as nutritional gifts of love from our girlie duckies.

Thank you girls! We are so pleased that you are growing up to be such happy healthy girlies.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

duck pool drains & LOTS of duckie pictures

The pool drains are working ... sort of ... They do drain, but being the size of a garden hose and full of dirt and other messy things they drain slowly. Which means a new morning and evening routine, but they are definitely helping reduce the amount of water and soggy mud around the pools and saving our backs.
close up of the drain valve & hose for our above ground pool (open)
We have for several years used a double layer of "kiddie" pools for our duckies.  Using two pools nested together helps prevent holes and cracks.  We replace the kiddie pools maybe once every year to two years.  We used "WaterWeld" a specialized epoxy putty to seal the drain holes inside and outside of the pools.  (In the picture above it is the white stuff around the joint).  This allows us to move the pools to dump out dirt etc with the drain hoses still attached and not have to worry about the integrity of a water tight seal around the joint.
You can see the ground still gets wet when washing the pool
and duckies splashing but this is far less water than before.
The hose filling the pool is in front
The drain hose is toward the back and left.
"sunken" duckie pool - the drain is low and at the very back
the hose you see in front is the drain hose from the above
ground pool.  Both hose drains are buried and run between
skirted hardware fabric to keep predators and snakes out
close up of the sunken pool's drain valve
both pools - here we are filling the sunken pool and you
can see the drain hose from the above ground pool
we have dividing fences with a internal gate for those times
when we need to separate such as when boy duckies
are being seasonally aggressive or if/when a certain
duckie needs R&R time due to injury illness
but is still well enough to be outside.
Due to all the rain and storms we have had this summer our sunken pool fills with dirt and mud much quicker than the above ground pool and it much harder to do the "deep" clean.  We may raise this pool at some later date.

And now for lots of pictures of our adorable duckies!

Missy complaining that she doesn't get to forage
(her arthritis/tendonitis has flared up and she is on R&R)

beautiful white ladies

Darrick, drake extraordinaire, loved by the little ladies 

Beau's head feathers are always in varying shades

This little lady says, "you are an okay food and water human,
but I don't know if I trust you all the way yet."

"More pictures?  Sure we will pose for you"

The prettiest boy, needs to work hard to stay pretty.
Preen Preen Preen

Missy chillin out in one of her favorite nap spots under the chair.

It's nap time for the little girls too.

Our Missy's feathers are looking so shiny and white now
that she has 8 more girl friends to share the attention of the boys.

Fluffy bottom (Missy)

10 pet duckies and one human "duckie" bond servant

Saturday, August 24, 2013

ONE flock

Yesterday morning GraMaDuck enjoyed hanging out with our duckies.  We are very encouraged to see that they have finally integrated to be ONE flock instead of two mini-flocks.  This is very important for their health because ducks are extremely social and their social condition has significant effect on their physical well being.

GraMaDuck loves our feathered loves so much!  It is a delight to watch these cute funny personalities everyday.  She is also thankful that we built the aviary with a clear view from all of the back windows of our home, so whether we are outside or inside, we can see and talk with our feather loves.

Here are a few pictures taken with the phone camera - all the white feathers can really mess with the light meter :-)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Drains for the pools

We suppose that all pet duck owners (slaves), will at some point succumb to installing drains or pumps for the duckies pools.  Well after a little over 5 years of scooping and dumping we are finally going to try the drains.

This our first attempt.  We are using garden hose connectors and 3/4" nuts.  

We hope this works but we do have some concerns about the narrow internal diameter and all the mess (not just poo, but rocks, and leaves, etc).  But we shall see. 

It got too dark to show it set up outside tonight so we will post again tomorrow to let you know how it goes. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Duckies Greet GrMaDuck in the morning

Our duckies are making the transition to one flock slowly but steadily. 

One thing they all do together is wait in the mornings for their fresh water, food, and treats.  

Sweetness in the morning 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Darrick and his harem

Darrick is so sweet with our new girls! He is very taken with them and his smaller size and mostly gentle ways have gained him acceptance with the quacky girly crew.