Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Treat Time

Morning Treats! 

Pictures taken looking down as they "nom nom nom" on treats.  
This angle is a little funny but I love their cuteness.

Darrick, our Cayuga drake (black), is looking especially beautiful with bright iridescent green plumage. 

Our little SpitFire duckie kitty also loves peas for treats!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Missy enjoying her pool time

Missy holds a place of honor in the flock, and gets to get in the clean pool first.  This is just a quick peek of Missy enjoying her pool time.

Missy is the only remaining female from our hand raised feathered friends. She is older than "the little girls" and has chronic leg troubles (joint and soft tissue inflammation).  She is a large Pekin, and is kept separate but among the flock for her protection, to prevent too much walking and mating which she is not able to handle anymore. She is a love! We constantly monitor her quality of life. Today (Saturday Feb 20) was a good day!