Wednesday, April 23, 2014

helpful duck & duckling care links and information

Here are some helpful duck & duckling care links and information, because it's that time of year.

FYI: Our ducks are PETS, but we are sort of middle of the ground when it comes to protecting animals. As humans and as owners we feel a strong responsibility to do everything in our power to give them the best care and protection. Our ducks are also domestic breeds so we take into consideration their bred in weaknesses. Our love for our ducks as PETS, makes our heart more vulnerable to heartache when it comes to injury and death, than if they were livestock. However, we are not vegans, nor do we feel that animals have more rights than their humans.

As the loving caring humans, and as the people who choose to have pet ducks we want you to be well informed. Ducks are fragile creatures, and the more you know about caring for them the better.  These links are for those who have ALREADY chosen to have ducks either as live stock or pets.

Articles About Waterfowl: Responsible Waterfowl Ownership

Duck Care

Duckling and Duck Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Metzer Farms Daily Feed and Water Consumption and Manure Output of Ducklings

Metzer Farms FAQ

Live Ducks on topics in the menu on the left)

Ducking Care Document

Duckling Diary 

Poultry Help - Toxic Plants

We just want to add that we do have ducky friends who we admire and respect that are vegans who bestow on their feather loved ones equal rights (same as they give humans) and even greater accommodations and privileges because our feathered friends are in many ways a fragile species than humans.

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