Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy duckies

Our duckies continue to be healthy and happy. The cool bright and sunny weather suit our duckies very well. The drakes are out of season everyone in the little flock is getting along fabulously. We took a couple of pictures this morning. Our duck enclosure, aviary, still needs some work, however it is serving its purpose well. It gives our duckies plenty of room to roam play and forage and keeps them safe from the predators.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today our duckies are 2 years old. Today is their hatch day!

Two years ago today our duckies were hatched and two days later they arrived from Metzer Farms via US Post Office. Our duckies were hatched on Tuesday October 12, 2010 and delivered to the local post office near Gonzales, CA for mailing that same day.  They arrived Thursday October 14, 2010.  Below is the first picture taken of them while still at the Post Office in Moseley, VA.

Here is a link to a youtube video of our duckies first week with us.

They're Here!  This is a link to our blog post from their arrival at our home.  You can see pictures of them on their first day with us on this post.

Happy Hatch Day to our feathered family members.  The pictures below were taken with a phone yesterday and are not good quality but you can see all of them.  We lost Keelyn due to illness and injury, but all the rest of our five duckies are happy and healthy.

Happy Quacks!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012