Friday, January 25, 2013

Keeping warm AKA refusing to go out in the snow

Our duckies are so funny they really really do not like the snow in top of temps that keep the pools frozen.

They pretty much refuse to come out of their house. I guess you can't blame them.


Our duckies snuggling  in their house, after burnt out heat lamp was replaced and frozen water buckets replaced with lukewarm clean water placed under the heatlamp and a warm fresh layer if chips laid in their house and towel hung over the top of the door to help keep heat in.  This cold is unpleasant for them, but we are doing what we can to keep them warm healthy and safe. 

Sam(antha) Toney
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A nice lukewarm bath after the snow

Just a few pictures of our happy duckies.

They are very happy to have fresh water in the little pool. It has been cold and it snowed (which the duckies hated), so they have only had clean buckets of water to wash faces and drink for about two days.

It is funny to see all four of them try and fit in the little pool.

IDEA - recycled window shelter

We got this idea from GreenBuildTV

We want to build something like this but with open doorway and wider and with a lower height as a warm house for our duckies for during the cold winter months.  The sun would keep it warm, they could see out which they like, We could put the food and a water bucket and pine flakes in it to be comfy. It would probably take me a couple of weekend trips to salvage yards, and 1-2 Saturdays to assemble. 

... must find that precious resource ... time ... 

It is probably a silly extravagant thing to do ... but it would be so much fun and we think after the duckies get over the "we are afraid of everything new" issue, that they would love and appreciate it, especially placed it near their pool(s).

This blog (2slicksgoodtimes Window Greenhouse post )shows several versions of how it could be made.  We like the windows all the way to the ground version for our duckies in the winter.