Saturday, January 19, 2013

IDEA - recycled window shelter

We got this idea from GreenBuildTV

We want to build something like this but with open doorway and wider and with a lower height as a warm house for our duckies for during the cold winter months.  The sun would keep it warm, they could see out which they like, We could put the food and a water bucket and pine flakes in it to be comfy. It would probably take me a couple of weekend trips to salvage yards, and 1-2 Saturdays to assemble. 

... must find that precious resource ... time ... 

It is probably a silly extravagant thing to do ... but it would be so much fun and we think after the duckies get over the "we are afraid of everything new" issue, that they would love and appreciate it, especially placed it near their pool(s).

This blog (2slicksgoodtimes Window Greenhouse post )shows several versions of how it could be made.  We like the windows all the way to the ground version for our duckies in the winter.


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