Friday, July 5, 2013

They are home

Things went pretty well getting the new girlie duckies here. As I was carrying them into the aviary there ended up being lots of chasing as the last two made a run for it... so right now I am "mean scary lady" to them. Missy sat inside the aviary watching the young ones make a loud spazy fuss about being touched and separated even briefly from each other. she looked like the lady chaperone watching a bunch of teen girls. funny!! The boys ran around and around outside the aviary. They very much want to meet these girls.
A little bit later #1 & #2 (from the new group) challenged Missy (she is on the same side as the girls) Missy sort of looked them like she didn't care - "yeah so what you can keep your spot in pecking order- I don't have the energy for such foolishness" is what it looked like she was thinking.

Missy was excited when she had her first swim with the new girls but now she is hanging back to give them some time & space


Missy and Beau want to know why they have been separated - but my priority was to get Missy integrated first (if possible)
Pretty little ladies

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