Monday, May 16, 2011

I, GrMaDuck, arrived home after a meeting tonight, to find all our six duckies asleep in their house.  If I hadn't needed to give Keelyn medication it would have been just a simple nighty-nighty and close and latch the duck house door for added safety.  It was so cute that they put themselves to bed.

(Remember we have a pretty predator proof pen/aviary, and INSIDE the pen/aviary is a duck house that provides additional protection and weather-proof comfort.  After loosing our first two precious feathered family members last year, well we are VERY cautious.  Alex and Bianca were only three years old and very healthy.  Oh how we loved them and they us.  We have no soft spot in our heart for coyote since last year.)

But anyway I digress... They were very sweet duckies this evening, well that is until I woke up everyone to give a very grumpy Keelyn her medication.

~Nighty Night all


Earlier in the day, MamaDuck, killed a big black snake that was trying to figure out how to get in the aviary.  We are so grateful that we added the hardware fabric around the bottom.  But the avairy netting that covers the avairy is 2"x2", it might have taken this snake awhile to figure out how to climb to the top, but GrMaDuck is 99.9% sure this is the same snake that climbed up the gutters to get to and eat a nest full of young song birds.  (The birds had nested over the flood lights on our house.)  The snakes are mostly after small animals and eggs but they will strike at a duck to get to an egg.  Thank you MamaDuck for protecting the flock.

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