Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A quick but necessary update

Just wanted to let everyone know, that MamaDuck has moved out of GrmaDuck's house, about 20min away.  I will still be around very often to keep my role as #1 in the flock, and to help with the responsibilities (especially while we are still dealing with health issues since GrmaDuck and myself - MamaDuck - are the only ones who know how to give medicine.)

Also, Queenie has an appointment with the vet tonight...we are thinking that it's not going to be a great prognosis.  She has not laid eggs in quite some time, and is visibly heavy with egg.  This may (most likely) require surgery to take care of.  Depending on what the Vet says, we are going to have to wiegh our options and see if we can afford that kind of care, plus the added time and responsibility of post-op care.  I (MamaDuck) really wants to just do what will make her healthy again...but I also know that it costs money that we may not have.  :-\  I've been very worried, but trying not to let it get to me.
Anywho...enough of that.  We will update later with what the vet says and our decisions.


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