Thursday, May 19, 2011

more worries

Keelyn is not able to walk thhis morning. Her legs appear too weak to hold her. She does not act like she is hurting just not able or willing or strong enough to walk. *another trip to the vet*
We are VERY VERY worried.  She has been on antibiotics for almost a month, and a second round of anti-inflamintory for almost a week, to treat what the vet thought she has bumble foot and then adding a knee sprain on top of it.   But now... now .....
We are VERY VERY concerned..... Keelyn's condition has significantly changed since yesterday. She mostly drags herself around by her wings. She feels a bit bonier (thinner) today. She doesn't appear to be in pain, but to be sick and wea...k and her the way she barely moves or uses her legs looks like paralysis more than injury. I am wondering if she got into something poisenous. She doesn't want to eat her duck feed only mud or to sleep in the nest. Our vet is off today. We are calling all around for vet to help us.


Shanti Perez said...

Hello. I experienced issues last year when I was feeding my flock a chicken layer pellet. They experienced weakness, molting problems, and a few soft egg shells. Now they're eating gamebird maintenance and are all beautiful and doing so much better. I learned a lot by trial and error.

Shanti Perez said...

Here is a link that might help:

It's so difficult to diagnose ducks, isn't it? Too bad they can't explain what's going on.

Signs of paralysis can be caused by botulism.

Megan said...

We have never fed them chicken feed because we found out when we had our first two ducks, that chicken feed is always medicated and that the medication can cause a lot of problems in ducks.
We feed ours Purina Flock Raiser in a pellet which is non-medicated.

The paralysis in the one leg, the vet thinks is due to nerve damage. Thank God, there is no infection or illness that will effect the rest of the flock.
Thank you for the link.