Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our ducks enjoy a warm December morning... clean pool, clean house & nest boxes , & clean leave piles

What a surprise. We were expecting a deep drop in temp, but instead we received a seasonally unusual warm morning and day.

With aviary clean up on the agenda this worked out perfectly.

Missy is flighty a foot infection again and Keelyn's bad legs are having a major flare-up/set-back. The warm weather allowed lots and lots of time in the clean "deep" pool which is what they both really need (in addition to medications for both and rest for Keelyn).

Every duck loved that we filled the "big" pool and the drakes were happy to have so much forage time. Greens and grass are sparse in the cool months. And the big pool is just too hard for us humans to deal with when the temps are near or under freezing.

So it has been a nice morning in the aviary and back yard.

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