Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beau, Welsh Harlequin drake

This is Beau our Welsh Harlequin drake. 
By far, most people find him to be our most
beautiful duckie.  After each molt his coloring
will change up fairly significantly.  This most
recent re feathering has brought back heavy
iridescent green head feathers showing off
his white "necklace".  Beau is our most skiddish
duck.  At the bottom of the pecking order he
will try to act all tough, and is the only one
who will bite (but only if you insist on picking
up duckies).  He love is Missy our Pekin hen. 
It is a funny match but the feelings are mutual.
beautiful drake tail feathers

Beau with his love mate Missy <3

see those beautiful drake tail feathers
Pictures from last weekend ... Nov 2011

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