Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Notes ... Incomplete needs Editting

I am going to the Vet to pick up antibiotics and pain meds (Keelyn's legs have suddenly become worse again)

Miissy's toe is looking awful ... definitely infected again - I think maybe Keelyn's issue is related to the infection ...

I put Keelyn in the Rehab tub for a bit then she shivered and shivered so I warmed a towel and wrapped her in it and put her in her night time box and put the box in the playpen.

Keelyn ate a lot of clover grass - I went and pull it out of the yard and put it in her water dish and she gobbled it up. So I went and got a bunch more... she wasn't really interested in her food food so I was happy she ate so much clover grass

Just makes me wonder if the rain washed chemicals or something into the aviary ... But who knows?

Queenie looks good but either Queenie or Missy is laying very soft shelled eggs ... could just be a side effect of the infection tho'

All the girlie duckies will be on Antibiotics tonight for the recurring "bumble foot" like infection.

It is just so weird that the drakes don't seem to have these troubles.

All in all the flock has been happy.


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