Monday, March 4, 2013

my my my oh the duckie drama that spring brings

... so glad MamaDuck and GrMaDuck were both at the house this morning to sort a few duckie issues out TOGETHER.

Sometime during the night Beau got his head stuck in the dividing fence while being picked on by the other boys :-( He is okay but we had to cut the dividing fence to get him unstuck. We gave him a dose of anti-inflammatory duck medication because his neck is a little bit sore and swollen.

Frustrating thing is that all the duck books and references said that a 1.5"x1.5" fencing material should be safe for ducks and so we never guessed we would have such a  problem.  Well, now 1/2" hardware fabric is on the dividing fence, to ensure this doesn't happen again.  But what to do about the aggressive behavior ... trial and error and keeping a close eye on them is the strategy we now employ.  Really it is only a problem when the boy first "season in", or "season back in".  

No pictures we were to busy getting him unstuck, making sure he was all right, and making sure the flock was some what peaceful and safe before both human flock members headed to work. 

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