Monday, March 4, 2013

drake on drake abuse in our little flock

I know compared many other things the drake on drake abuse in our little flock is a small petty thing ... but Beau is not well he has clearly been abused by the other drakes during the day. Beau is raw very weak and not standing or walking right and breathing funny. He is with the girls, separated from the other boys, and I am hoping he draws some comfort from being with the girls who will be gentle with him. GrPaDuck suggested we keep him in the bathroom in the house but I, GrMaDuck, decided against it because he would be all alone. This drake aggression is disturbing and sad.

Beau is so weak I don't know if I will find him alive in the morning, although I don't see major injuries, his neck looks like it was injured his eye has been bitten so I don't know what injuries I can't see.
I gave him another dose of anti-inflammatory medication and placed him where he will have gentle company and hopefully that will give him comfort. There is nothing else I can do but pray and trust God with whatever tomorrow brings. I know they are just ducks, but I am their keeper.

Signed ~GrMaDuck
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Added the picture taken of him several days ago.

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