Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday January 28, 2012 - a quick update

Our duckies are doing well. They have adjusted to Keelyn's absence.

Competition between the drakes continues on it's normal ups and downs. The warm few days late in the week resulted in a bit of over mating due to this competition.

So this morning, we gave the girlie duckies some time alone in the R&R pen with the big pool. They have really enjoyed the chill time and pool time without having to deal with the macho boy duckies. When the girls started quacking like they were ready to come out and join the boys, we opened the R&R pen door but Queenie and Missy just stood there ... as if to say, "uhm, just kidding. No thanks we think we will stay in here.".

So they are peacefully napping and eating grasses and playing in the big pool today while the boys stand staring confused as to why the girls don't seem to be interested in such handsome, macho drakes like them. Of course their staring is interrupted from time to time with macho competition activities like fighting and chasing (not mean nor hurtful- just boys being boys).

Sorry no pictures yet today.


Anonymous said...

We were so sorry to read about Keelyn's death. We have been following your blog for several months and have 4 ducks (2 rouens and 2 welsh harlequins). My son (age 10) wants me to tell you that their names are Woody, Alex, Beau Jr. and Ivy - Beau is named after your Beau). He wants to name one of our next ducks Keelyn - he was really upset to read your recent blog post.
Just wanted to let you know we enjoy it. Thanks for posting.

SAM said...

Dear duck family friend: We are very honored that you would name your Beau Jr after our Beau. We will let him know about this honor. Thank you for your very sweet words about our loss of Keelyn. We still miss her (probably always will). It is very sweet that you want to name one of your next ducks Keelyn.