Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday - Jan. 14, 2012

SATURDAY   it started with Missy's loud alarm quacks because she didn't want to take her medication.  However, we insist.  Her foot is showing marked improvement now and we are confident she will be all better (after several more weeks of antibiotics).

Keelyn is having a very tough morning but for the rest of the flock there was lots of running around on this sunny but cold morning and happy times foraging for bugs, roots, and grasses.

silly duckies think this is an alfalfa treat bag

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louloubell97 said...

hi, i love reading your blog sooooo much keep it up, the only reason i came here is because of youtube, and i have watched all your videos haha becasue i wunna know what to expect when i get my duckies! thanks!