Saturday, June 11, 2011

GrMaDuck's Saturday Morning Report

GrMaDuck here ...
I spent all morning in the aviary, as is typical for a Saturday. I moved and rearranged Keelyn's "playpen" out from the center of the aviary. I used the flower border fencing we have been using but split it up into three smaller areas. (We will post pictures later.)  The boredom and separation really gets to her.  I, GrMaDuck, hope that having a few different SMALL areas to be in will discourage attempts to walk (we need those legs to heal) but will also help with the boredom and maybe the flock will spend a bit more time with her.  The primary spot is near the human chairs, where the rest of the flock likes to nap in the afternoon, on the side of the aviary that gets the most shade. I am hoping this will help keep her cool on these very hot days.

I love to be out with the flock, even when I am sweating while cleaning out pools, carriers, house, etc.  They were such a happy flock this morning.  The boys foraged outside while the girls got there morning swim and bath (pretty routine for us these days) and both girls and boys seem to enjoy the longer special time.  Our very vocal Missy (MissAdventure), was talkative and happy.  Lots of loud happy slightly bossy quacks this morning, along with my favorite, her happy song.  All the ducks have a happy song, but Missy sings hers is the loudest.  When the boys came back in the aviary they too started singing their happy song... clean pools, grass, floating duck food, everyone all together, pen raked clean, and no fighting over girls, yep.. the boys were happy and they were singing their deep boy coo coo happy songs.  I LOVE IT!

My only worry this morning, is Queenie, she is VERY heavy with egg(s) again.  She is showing all the classic signs of being egg bound again.  (pray saints pray)  If she doesn't lay by Monday, I am afraid we are off to another expensive vet visit.

I, GrMaDuck, am happy to report that when Keelyn is in the water we are starting to see her move her left leg much more again.  Now if we can just keep her happy and not trying to walk on it.  She will endure great pain to try and walk to get close to the flock. 

That is all for now.

Have a duckie weekend!

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