Friday, June 3, 2011

Back in the box

We had been not been forcing Keelyn to stay inside the pet carrier all day (when see wasn't in the pool or tub) for two reasons.
First, she hated it. She naturally does not want to be separated from the flock at all. The carrier creates a significant separation, even when set out among the flock in the avairy. She was feeling better and stronger and it was making her really upset to be in it.
Secondly, the weather has been very hot and humid. The carrier with limited air flow becomes an like oven in the VA heat, even in the shade.
So for the last several days she has just been in her "playpen" area. She was doing and feeling better but tried to do too much "walking" (hobbling) and reinjuried her left leg. So with cooler temps and Keelyn wanting to lean on something to help deal with the pain in her leg, she is back in the box. Today she is happy to have a soft pile of wood chips under her and a wall to lean against.
Thanking God for cooler weather.

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