Tuesday, April 5, 2011

worries and God's grace

Poor Keelyn she has fought a couple of eye infections already and now it appears she has bumble foot. *sigh* Our wonderful duck aviary is all dirt (and mud when it rains) we really need to get some ground cover planted. Poor little thing (she is our littlest) she started limping a day or two ago and now she is getting the black callouses on her foot. We are trying to give them as much time outside the aviary to munch on grass and to give them a softer surface to walk on, but we live where there are fox and coyote so they can only be out under our careful watch.

MamaDuck was checking on Keelyn much more often yesterday because she barely wants to walk now. MamaDuck said a prayer and asked God to take away the infection and if He didn't do that to give us favor finding a vet who knew how to take care of ducks (not an easy feat even in a rural area). She went inside and with one phone call was referred to a "bird specialist". Bird specialist are often specialist in pet song birds and the like, but by goodness, grace, and favor of God this is a vet who treats chickens and ducks. It gets better. His office is only about 20 min.s from us and their office visit rates are very reasonable. We clearly see this as God answering MamaDuck's prayer.

We know that God cares deeply for the animals and that He charges us with the care of animals. GrMaDuck thinks this answer to prayer is God showing His love and approval of our duckies and our love and care for our duckies.

Keelyn will be going on an adventure today with MamaDuck. Please keep us her and us in your prayers, as bumble foot is best treated with oral antibiotics.

Missy Update: She is getting along better with the boys. But we still are having to protect her. GrMaDuck thinks that she is getting used to her new place in the flock (not #1 or #2 anymore). The feathers that were so aggressively plucked out and now growing back in. She looks like a wild mess right now, but is happy and preening often to get oiled back up. She is also moving out of her depression and socializing a bit more. We are grateful that she knows she is special to MamaDuck and GrMaDuck. She is funny adventurous duck and we are very glad to see her happiness coming back.

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