Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keelyn's Bumble Foot

Things went well on the adventure to the vet.
Keelyn needs to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks
and an anti-inflamatory for several days.

at the vet's office - mostly calm but nervous

was so nervous, she was panting so I had brought the ducks' favorite cup
with me and gave her some water to calm her down
she got a bit too excited though and wanted to take a bath in the cup... :P

all done and back in the car

After we got back home, I needed to keep her somewhere
while I rearranged the pen situation for her so I put her in the bathroom
...but she didn't want to come out of the carrier.
Got her out, and she went straight back in... :P

Out in the yard, we got the old pen back,
right next to the current one so they can be close.
She needs to be on softer cleaner ground and in a more
confined space to keep her calmer and walking less.
So she gets her own space for a while

Talkin' to the others, so confused as to why she can't go in the pen with them

you can see how much more grass
there is in the temporary pen
(our old pen) this will be softer for
Keelyn's foot

We knew she would not emotionally be able to handle being so isolated,
so after she took a few min. to herself, I brought Missy
 in since she's had a rough time lately too and to keep Keelyn company

settling down and having some water

happy ducks

We were able to get my girl to swallow her pill,
took a few tries, but it didn't take too long.

We are glad to see some of the swelling go down on Keelyn's foot.

She's not happy with being separated though
 (even with Missy's company),
so we are periodically giving everyone a field trips
 in the yard for some socializing.

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