Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Duckies in a row

Written April 27, 2015
iPhoto pictures of our pet duckies
Our little flock currently has 6 "little girlies, mixed pekin white layer mix breed (only two of these girlies have officially been named, one is Little Miss because she acts and sounds just like her older duck hen Missy, and the other one is Sweet Pea she's the smallest and sweetest of the six).  The other four are older and were hand hand raised - they are; disabled female Pekin (Missy), extra large Pekin drake (Kouta), one Cayuga drake (Darrick), and one Welsh Harlequin drake (Beau). Ten little duckies all in a row (well sorta in a row) 😉

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Gypsy.. said...

Beautiful family of ducks u have. I can corelate the feelings of petting with u. happy petting.