Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy to see this face ...

We couldn't find her this morning ... 

They were out foraging and it was time to go in I rounded them all up and not quite in a row the waddled back into the duck pen and as they did I counted cute little white heads 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ... Wait who is missing? I counted them again and in doing so noticed it was Missy that was missing.  Her arthritis will make her slow and lazy sometimes so I circled back around the duck pen, but no Missy.  
I looked in all the known hiding places inside the pen and still didn't find her.  Now I was worried.  What happen where is she? I didn't hear any alarm quacking just normal morning quacking.  I search the woods behind the pen, the front yard, the garden, then the surrounding woods. No Missy to be found.  How can a big slow fussy duckie like Missy just disappear? I searched the inside the pen again.  Nope not under the duck house not even the forth time I checked, not in the duck house. 

Now I was in a fitful sad panic - where was she? 

I thought she must be gone - taken from me while I wasn't looking, by what I didn't know.  

Running late for my meeting I locked up the other duckies and left with my heart very very heavy.

I only told a couple of people, but one dear friend said she would pray for a miracle that Missy would come home safe and sound.

When I got home I immediately looked out the back and counted duckies through my window, - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, little girlies and Kouta, Beau, and Darrick - no Missy - then I went and changed clothes to go look for Missy again. 

I first went into the pen to give treats and guess who was there!??!?  YEP! Missy! 

Right there in plain sight!  I got so excited I freaked out a bit.  Missy stood there like, " yeah, I am here, duh, what is wrong with you?"

I am so so so happy to see this funny freckled face this evening!

So very very very happy!  I have no idea where she was hiding earlier. I am just so very thankful she is here and with us!! 

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Fran said...

What a luck that you could delete your earlier post: Missy is gone. (Our hearts are crushed. It was quick so there is a tiny bit of comfort in that but she is gone. We no longer have any of the girl duckies we raised by hand. -TEARS- -TEARS- -TEARS-) I'm sure you now cried tears from happines! I'm really glad for you.