Thursday, January 23, 2014


We are experiencing winter here.  The duckies are not big fans of days and days of temps that freeze their water. 

They will quack and complain to me like I should be able to make it better. LOL!

We do have heat lamps in their house and over their water buckets to help keep the water buckets from freezing over so quickly and to give them a "warm" (really less cold) place to retreat too.

Here they are in the snow 

And here they are warming up in the house.

At the start of winter they all would stay in the warm duck house most of the time on snowy or really cold days.  Now they don't this is mostly because the boy duckies have gone into "season", and our normally sweet boys are rough bossy hormonal boys.  So most of the time they will take turns rotating in and out of the house.  Here I caught them when they were all in the house together warming up. 

For the most part all our duckies. Are doing well. 

Sorry it has been so long without a post. 

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