Saturday, June 22, 2013

thinking about adopting more (written 6/22/13)

GrmaDuck saw this video

We have been thinking about getting more females to join our teeny tiny little flock, and this video was the straw that sent GrMaDuck over the edge to look into adoption.  We still have concerns about adding and adopting, because we know it will be extra work, and a lot of extra time required, especially during the transition.   But our ratio is still backwards, and while the boys are calm, and Missy is happy, maybe this would be a good time to introduce new feather friends.... maybe .. Still we don't know if we will qualify, and still not 100% sure if our hearts (especially GrMaDuck's is ready to take on the emotional connection to 4-6 more duckies), but are we sure enough to apply and look into it.  In the long run, the boys and Missy should be happier with more girls than boys.

Readers, don't be surprised if this doesn't happen.  There are many many things to take into consideration
we'll see

On a side note, Missy is still singing her happy song and this make us VERY happy that she is happy.

more pictures later

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