Sunday, April 14, 2013

only four little ducks

Queenie, who was the friendliest and smartest of our pet ducks, died during the night last night. She wasn't sick. She died trying to lay an egg. Egg bound. It happened very very quick.

I spent all morning cleaning and disinfecting the duck house, pools, and aviary, which made me late to church.

My mind keeps singing, "five little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away, GrMa Duck said quack quack quack, but only four little ducks came back." I know it isn't the same; Queenie passed with her flock family around her. But yesterday we had five duckies and now we are down to four. Loving and caring for such fragile creatures is not for the faint of heart.

One more things I want to say. It was sadly sweet to see our other duckies love her and comfort her in her last hours.

We do everything we can ... and sometimes that is not enough. Rest in peace Queenie, the humans will certainly miss you.

This was written by GrMaDuck Sam


Jenny said...

I found this blog today because I was on youtube looking for duckie videos since I love ducks, but can't have my own. So I watched all your videos and spent the last few hours reading every entry here about the life of your ducks and all the joys and drama they bring.

I admit that when reading the post where you wrote that Keelyn had to be put to sleep, I sat in front of the computer and cried because you all tried so hard and I loved seeing her in all the videos. I decided way at the start of my reading that I would write a comment on the newest post and now the newest post is about Queenie passing away as well. This is so horrible and you have my deepest condolences! I'm so sad now...

I hope your remaining four duckies are alright, with there being only one girl now. She must be lonely in her only-girls-in-the-pool-time. I hope the boys aren't too rough to her now. I added this blog to my favourites and will be checking back for updates on how your ducks are doing! I think you are doing an amazing job at taking care of them and providng them with a wonderful home! I hope you will always continue this blog, even if only very few people seem to comment!


(Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Germany and not a native speaker.)

Fran said...

How sad to hear this!
I really do understand how you must feel right now because: also I 've experienced the loss of my beloved pet duck. She was the love of my life! She became 14 years and three months old. We would have done everything to safe her but unfortunately!
I agree you say: Loving and caring for such fragile creatures is not for the faint of heart.
Herr loss still hurts.
You gave her your love and a good life! Rest in peace Queeny, I'm sure you will be missed.
PS: It's amazing to see how animals - in this case "pet ducks" - bring people together!

sardu said...

How can you diagnose, as a layman, the duck dying while passing eggs?.

We've seen females mysteriously die with no medical issues. One was a goose who someone said, from the old wives tales, had died from a broken heart but was just dead the day after her 'mate' was culled for Christmas dinner. As you note, ducks and geese can be hard to predict.