Saturday, May 5, 2012

cooling off on a hot spring morning

It is a hot spring morning.  So we decided to spray them with hose on the gentle shower setting.  (We didn't get any pictures of this).  They loved it.  The drakes would side step just to stay in the right place to get the most of the cooling spray.

Then we propped it to shower over the pool and back of the "aviary".  Being Saturday the girls were given their weekly girlie duckie time in the pool without the boys.   The boy duckies enjoyed digging in the drainage "stream" behind the aviary. 

Then everybody got some time together to hang out at the pool and enjoy the soft shower spray from the hose.

Then we cleaned out the pool (again) and once again split up the boys and girls.  The girls look like they are getting bumble foot again.  With the weather warmer, the ground is harder, and the boys really are not generous about sharing the pool, so our girlie duckies don't get to clean their feet very often.  It is one of the reasons we make sure they get "no boys allowed" pool time on Saturdays.

The boys got more dig and forage time.

Beau cracked us up.  He lied down in the "drainage" stream and dug in and drank the water that was flowing down.  He was doing his best not to miss anything.  It was so funny to watch.

We love our funny duckies.





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