Monday, February 20, 2012

a snowy morning

Woke up to the beautiful snow ...
However the aviary netting was so weighed down in sunk low inside the duckie aviary.  It took a lot of work to knock it down because it was melting into an icy mush that didn't want to fall.

Our poor silly duckies - they are weirded out by the snow and brightness with shadows and the falling stuff (snow and small branches).  But it gave us an opportunity to take some pretty pictures because for the most part they stood and just stared at GrMaDuck (like I can control the weather ... silly duckies) and at the sky.

Enjoy my snowy duckie pictures.

duckie aviary weighed WAY DOWN
weighed down aviary netting view from back side

snow on Kouta's bill - Beau showing off his curly tail
Darrick (cayuga drake)

Beau and Queenie

Kouta (front left), Queenie (back left), Darrick (center), Missy (back right), Beau (front right)

Beua saying we don't like the snow GrMaDuck fix it. 
Kouta all puffed up, kingly but not too happy about the falling clumps of snow either.
aviary netting all clean off
Now we need to tighten and re-fasten it down
( a two person job for later )

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