Thursday, July 21, 2011


Right Now
(10:30 pm)


We have had temperatures climbing to near 100 with high humidity with little wind over the last couple of days.  The weather people are saying it is going to be worse over the two days. 

Our poor duckies really struggle to keep cool.  We are changing out their water as often as possible.  Normally the water buckets are changed once or twice a day, but we are trying to freshen up the water buckets and the pools with the well water more often than that hoping that will provide cooler water. 

Today the human flock members all had to work, so our duckies had to tough it out.  Keelyn must have jump flew over her fence, into main area in the aviary.  The regular pools are harder for her to get in and out of.  This evening she clearly was very hot and very sore from doing too much.  She was treated with an extra late night trip to the pool.  That should help some.  

*sigh*  too much to worry about. 

We will tag team tomorrow through Sunday checking on their conditions and switching out water frequently.  Hmmm.... maybe it is time to try semi-thawed frozen peas as a new treat, that might help cool them down too. 

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